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The Scorebook Live website just became an even more customized experience for the high school fan. When following your favorite sport, you can now select the More Filters button and get the content you care about most sooner. No more scrolling through endless pages of games!

To filter, click on the More Filters button and select the state you care about along with the level. For our California fans, you can now choose the Section you wish to follow. Like before, once you save your filter selection and return to Scorebooklive.com, your filter selections will be saved.

More FIlters


Follow the teams you care about most to get the most relative content sooner. Teams can be followed a number of ways on Scorebook Live: by searching for the team and selecting follow, selecting the star button in the game details tab within a game page, and by downloading the Scorebook Live App and following your favorite football and basketball teams. With the Scorebook Live app, you will receive game and score update alerts right on your IOS device.

Access your favorites on the web by clicking the profile icon in the top right hand corner. With a number of ways to follow your favorite teams, it has never been easier to receive content at the high school level!

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Questions? Email us at support@scorebooklive.com

– The Scorebook Live Team

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