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The Scorebook Live bracket product has been developed based on feedback from State, Section and District officials around the country. Our goal is that you and your team find this software tool to be easy to use and a great thrill for your fans as they follow your event in real-time! 


Log into your Scorebook Live account (if you have yet to register for an account click here) click on your profile icon, select Tournament Manager and click Create New Tournament.

Once admins fill out the necessary tournament details, they need to add the teams who will be participating.

Tourney 1


To add teams admin users click add and search for the team. The tournament will automatically seed the teams based on how the users enters them. However seeding can be adjusted in a later screen.

Tourney 2.png


Once the seeds are set, the matchups will display inside the bracket. After saving the tournament, the games will automatically be sent to the team owner’s accounts and are ready to be scored. While the games are started using the app the scores will display live, in real time inside the bracket. After completion of the games, teams will automatically be advanced to the next round, making it easier than ever to run a tournament.

Tourney 3.png

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– The Scorebook Live Team

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