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Scorebook Live Digital Scoring offers a solution to every team at every level while solving two of the biggest issues in high school sports, fan engagement and score reporting. Whether teams choose to use our digital scorebooks (for basketball and football), simple scoring or our final score entry, no matter the scoring method chosen, Scorebook Live has the ability to deliver the score where it needs to go. Section officials, athletic directors and coaches will no longer need to worry about schools not having their information in the correct place as long as they are using Scorebook Live.


With our digital scorebooks for basketball and football, a complete fan experience is delivered. Game pages are created as soon as the event is scheduled with an outline of game information under the Game Details tab. Game Details include a Pick’em feature, allowing fans to interact and vote for their favorite team. Once a game has started on the app, the Game Details page expands with live in-game infographics, a fan corner and the line score. Other tabs created include: a live box score and live play-by-play, called the ScorebookCast, so fans can follow your games from anywhere using the website or the app. Once the game is completed on the app, a post game recap story is automatically written so every team gets the coverage they deserve.

Scoring SBCast Combo.png


Simple scoring will allow games (for an expanded number of sports) to be scored in real time, with all of the same benefits mentioned in our digital scorebooks, without displaying player stats. This app will be able to be downloaded on both Apple and Android devices.

Football Simple Score    Girls Soccer SImple Scoring.png


Final score entry will offer coaches and athletic directors the chance to enter the score of the game or event after completion in an easier fashion than ever before.

Score Entry in Phone

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    1. Our Digital Scorebooks are currently only available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Simple Scoring solution, which is coming soon, will be available for both Android and Apple products.

  1. That sounds a good app to manage mini sports. Hope it is very interactive so the audience from anywhere can monitor the games.

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