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Scorebook Live is working to modernize high school sports coverage with the fan portion of our app. They can enjoy gameday notifications, live play-by-play, and live box scores. Our software gives high school sports fans an engaging, in-depth experience in a way that has never been done before.


There are two ways fans can follow your games; downloading the Scorebook Live app and creating a fan account, or following them on our website at The app is only available on the iPhone and iPad, but the website can be accessed from any desktop and mobile device using a web browser. Both options are entirely free.


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If your fans have an iPhone or iPad, downloading the Scorebook Live app and creating a fan account is the best option. In addition to all of the other features that they can access on the website, they receive gameday notifications about your team.

They can customize notifications that range from alerts 3 hours before the game, to live updates during the game, to final score updates. The fan portion of the Scorebook Live app lets your fans truly customize their experience.


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Never before has the ability to provide live game stats and play-by-play to your fans been a possibility for high school basketball and football. Give your fans the experience they are accustomed to at the professional and collegiate levels.


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After the game, Scorebook Live automatically generates a game recap story that is similar to what a local media outlet would produce. Each player also has their own player profile page where all of their stats can be found.


Download the Scorebook Live app and create an account. Find and claim your team, then start uploading your roster and schedule. For more information visit our help site, or email us at

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