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Postgame reporting to local media has always been an issue with high school sports. Most local media outlets are understaffed and rely on the schools to call in stats and scores. Even if they are well staffed, they spend their time writing human interest stories about the players and teams that the stats just can’t explain.

Scorebook Live solves the issue of postgame reporting by automating the score and stat reporting in real-time with our widgets and direct feeds.


Seattle Times Widget (BLACK)

We work with local media outlets, like The Seattle Times, by placing a live game widget that shows live games from around the state. Instead of having you call in your scores and stats, your local media outlet can pull the stats from the widget.

Never before has a statewide live scoreboard been a possibility, but it is now with Scorebook Live widgets.


Single Team Widget (BLACK)

You can also place a custom widget on your own site with just your teams. That way your fans can come to your athletic page and see live scores from your freshman, junior varsity, and varsity teams all in one place.


League Standings (BLACK)

If your entire league is onboard, we can provide a league standing widget that shows teams’ league and overall record, and current win streak.


League Stat Leaders (BLACK)

In addition to league standings, we also provide league stat leader widgets. They show leaders from around the league in each key stat category.


Download the Scorebook Live app and create an account. Find and claim your team, then start uploading your roster and schedule. For more information visit our help site, or email us at

Once you get started scoring, reach out to us at about contacting your local media partner. We can start the conversation and make sure that your scores and stats are automated.

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  1. That’s a complete and comprehensive reporting. Very easy to track the performance of each team.

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