Scorebook Live Team Pages

Team pages are a necessity in the current high school environment. Your fans, players, and their parents live online, and you need to constantly feed them information. Scorebook Live provides you with a FREE team page solution that automatically updates as your scorekeeper scores games with our app. Take a look at the benefits our team pages provide.


Top Middle 2 Middle 1 Bottom

Your team home page is a one-stop information hub for all of your latest content. It gives you a quick synopsis of your top players, where you stand in league play, your most recent games, the latest news about your team, and links to your social media accounts to show your most recent posts. Never worry about manually uploading your latest content again, everything is updated automatically as games are scored.


Team Schedule.png

Your schedule page shows your season-long schedule. You can easily access old games by clicking on the score, or access a game preview for an upcoming game.


Team Roster.png

The roster page has your full team roster. Each player has their own player profile page that aggregates their season stats and has information like position, height, weight, and graduation year.


Team Stats.png

The stats page aggregates player stats and gives you team leaders in each category. Each players’ stats can be found in more detail by visiting their player profile page.

Download the Scorebook Live app and create an account. Find and claim your team, then start uploading your roster and schedule. For more information visit our help site, or email us at

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