Fans – How to get the Most out of Scorebook Live

Your son’s football team is using the Scorebook Live app to score their games, and your daughter’s basketball team is going to start using it in the winter. Now what? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know in order to get the most out of the Scorebook Live experience!

Section 1 – Create Your Scorebook Live Account







1. Click on the LOGIN button in the top right hand corner.

2. Click on REGISTER NOW at the bottom of the Login box.






3. Fill out the Create Account form using a VALID email address. You will be using it to login. Scroll down to the bottom and select create account after entering your information.

4. Congratulations! You created your account and are now logged in. Clicking on the profile silhouette in the top right corner will pull up your account hub. From here you can see the status of your account, make changes to it, and see your Favorited Teams.

Section 2 – ‘Favoriting’ Teams

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1. To find a team on our website, select either FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, or GIRLS BASKETBALL from the menu bar, or click on the magnifying glass by the login to use the search bar.

2. This will take you to our nationwide scoreboard for that sport. To find an individual team, select the TEAMS tab directly underneath the chosen sport tab.

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3. You’re now seeing a screen with a search bar and filter options. Enter the name of the team you want to find. You can filter by state and level of competition. 

4. After searching and finding your team, you will see a button by their name prompting you to ADD FAVORITE. If you want to get updates and be able to quickly access the team from your profile, click on the ADD FAVORITE button to favorite the team.

Note: You don’t have to favorite a team to view their profile, players, or stats. You can access these at anytime simply by searching for them.

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5. Clicking on the team will take you into their team HOME page.

6. If you favorite a team, anytime you select your account hub in the top right hand corner, you will see the team you favorited under MY TEAMS. This will allow you to quickly go to that team’s page. 

Section 3 – Navigating Team Pages

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1. Teams that are claimed and scoring will have this style of HOME page. From here you can see their schedule, standings, and top performers from the latest games.

2. The STATS tab has stat leaders, as well as aggregated stats for each player from the season. You can also go into a player page.

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3. The SCHEDULE tab lists the team’s schedule for the season. You can find who they have played and their scheduled games. You can also look at stats from past games by clicking on the game scores, or check out other teams by clicking on the opponent’s name.

4. The ROSTER tab has this season’s rosters with player names, position, height, weight, and graduation year. If you click on a player’s name it will take you to their player profile.

Section 4 – Navigating Player Pages

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1. The PROFILE tab has each player’s stats, height, weight and number for the season. 

2. Under the STATS tab, you can find stats broken up by game.

Section 5 – League Pages

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1. To find a league page, select either FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, or GIRLS BASKETBALL from the menu bar.

2. Select the LEAGUES tab found directly underneath the chosen sport tab. This will take you to a search page where you can search for leagues. There are filters underneath the search bar to help narrow your search based on State and Level of Competition.

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3. Select your league. You can favorite leagues just like teams by clicking the ADD FAVORITE button. You’ll get notifications about league games and be able to access your favorited league pages from your account hub. 

4. The league HOME tab has details about the league, each team’s record within the league, and the latest from each team. You can go further into detail about all of these categories by clicking them. 

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5. The SCORES tab will take you to a league-wide live scoreboard. You can navigate to each game, team, and recap from here.

6. The STATS tab shows league leaders in each stat category. You can select specific categories from the dropdown menu located underneath this year’s stats. 


7. The TEAM tab will show you all of the teams in the league. From here you can navigate into each team to find out more information about them.

Section 6 – Following a Game

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1. Now that you have setup your account and know how to navigate the site, it’s time to follow a live game! Go to your favorite teams, or search for a team using our search tools.

2. Click the SCHEDULE tab to pull up this season’s schedule. Then click on the game time on the right to enter the game hub.

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3. If it is before game time, you will see the pregame hub. It will show you all of the game details like the date and time, location, game type, and the level of competition.

4. Once the action is underway, the pregame hub will turn into the live game hub. It will show you a scoring summary, live box scores, and infographics.

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5. The SCOREBOOKCAST tab will take you to live drive play-by-plays, drive summaries, and a game tracker. From here you can follow every play as it happens in real-time.

6. Following the game, the SCOREBOOKCAST tab contains a drive summary breakdown. You can come here following a game to look at what transpired in full detail.


7. After each game, an automatically generated game recap is created. This can be found under the RECAP tab. The game recap will breakdown the game for you, chose a player of the game, and outline what’s next for both teams.

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