Getting Started With Scorebook Live


Just getting started with the all new Scorebook Live iPhone app? We’re here to help! This guide will make sure you have everything you need to make sure your team is ready for the season.

Section 1 – Account Setup

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Create Your Scorebook Live Account

  1. Tap CREATE AN ACCOUNT to start setting up your Scorebook Live profile
  2. Fill out each field
  3. It’s best to include the name of your school in the username, so fans know the scores are verified
  4. Make sure to set your user type to “Coach/Admin”, otherwise you won’t be able to claim a team!

Section 2 – ‘Own’ Your Team

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Claim Your Team

  1. From the TEAMS tab, tap FIND YOUR TEAM
  2. Allow Scorebook Live to use your location, so you can easily see teams nearby you
  3. If you don’t see your team listed, just search for it by tapping the search box
  4. Tap the correct team, and then tap CLAIM to claim your team. Once Scorebook Live approves your claim request, you’ll be the official owner of that team!

Section 3 – Creating Players and Coaches

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In-App Roster Setup

  1. Now that you’ve claimed your team, it will appear in your teams list in the TEAMS tab
  2. Tap on the team you want to edit to open the team profile, then select EDIT
  3. From here, you can edit or add information about the team, enter a roster, and upload a cover photo
  4. First, create your coaching staff in the COACHES section
  5. Now, scroll down to PLAYERS, to create each player on your roster
  6. Once you’ve created a coach or a player, you can tap on their name to view their profile and add additional information, like position, height/weight, and even add a photo


Website Roster Setup

  1. If you would prefer to use a computer to set up your roster, login to your account on and find the team you just claimed
  2. From the team profile, click ROSTER, then MANAGE to begin creating players
  3. Complete each field for every player on your roster, then click SAVE

Section 4 – Populating Your Schedule

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In-App Schedule Setup

  1. Once you’ve claimed your team, you can also start creating games to populate your schedule
  2. Tap the GAMES tab, then tap CREATE to start populating your schedule
  3. First, you’ll need to select the teams that will be participating in the game. You can search the Scorebook Live database to add your opponent by selecting ADD HOME TEAM or ADD AWAY TEAM
  4. After you’ve selected the teams, complete the rest of the fields
  5. Scorebook Live defaults the rules to HIGH SCHOOL. If these rules are different than what will be used in your game, you can create custom rules and use your own
  6. Repeat to create the rest of the games on your schedule


Website Schedule Setup

  1. If you would prefer to use a computer to set up your roster, login to your account on and find the team you just claimed
  2. From the team profile, click SCHEDULE, then MANAGE to begin creating games
  3. Complete each field for every game on your schedule, then click SAVE

Section 5 – Pregame

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Pregame Hub

  1. Select the games tab on the bottom menu bar. From there, choose a game you wish to edit.
  2. This will bring you to the Pregame Hub where you can modify the game settings you inputted when originally setting up the game.
  3. To add and edit roster information, select the rosters tab. To choose a team to edit, select either team’s logo.
  4. Hitting Save in the top left will take you to the game scoring screen. Hitting Back will prompt you to save changes. Select Yes if you want to save your changes or Select No if you want to discard your changes.

Section 6 – Scoring


Scoring the Game

Coin Toss

Coin Toss A   Coin Toss B    Coin Toss C

  1. Select the winner of the coin toss.
  2. Select what the winner of the coin toss chooses to do. Either receive or defer until the second half.
  3. Finally, choose the direction that the kicking team will be kicking the ball during kickoff. This should be picked based off of your orientation at the game. For instance if you are sitting on one side of the field, your game orientation will be different compared to someone on the opposite side of the field.


Kickoff A          Kickoff B

  1. After the coin toss or after any scoring drive/safety, you will be directed to the kickoff screen. Select the kickoff option.
  2. Choose the outcome of the kick. Either a return, a touchback, or onside kick.
  3. Slide the picker, the bar underneath ‘Where is the ball now?’ to set the line of scrimmage.

Next Play

Blank Scoring Screen          Next Play

  1. To score a play simply hit Next play.
  2. From there it will ask what the play type was. The options are run, completed pass, incomplete pass, interception, field goal attempt or punt.
  3. If the play you are scoring is a run play the next screen will ask you to select the runner.
  4. After selecting the player running the ball enter the result of the play by sliding the field ticker to the position the ball is spotted and click done.
  5. If the play was a pass you must select both the passer and the receiver. First, select the passer
  6. Next, select the reciever.
  7. Finally, select the result of the play using the picker.
  8. If the play resulted in an incomplete pass, just select the passer.
  9. If the play resulted in an interception select the passer.
  10. Next, select the defensive player who intercepted the pass.
  11. Select the new line of scrimmage for the intercepting team. The team logo above the yard line will still show the throwing team, but you are choosing the new line of scrimmage for the intercepting team.
  12. The Intercepting team now has the ball at the new line of scrimmage.
  13. If the play type is field goal attempt, simply hit what happened. You have one of four options, made field goal, missed field goal, blocked field goal or missed field goal-defensive return.
  14. If the play type is a punt, hit the the button that corresponds with the play. During the punt was there a return? DId the ball go of out bounds? Was there a toucback? Or was the Punt blocked?
  15. Then similar to every other screen use the field ticker to tell your audience where the ball is spotted by using the field ticker.


Penalty Team Select     Penalty Type Select     Penalty Result Screen

  1. To record a penalty, select the Penalty button located underneath the Next Play button
  2. Choose the team the penalty is on
  3. Select the type of penalty
  4. Choose the new line of scrimmage and choose yes or no depending on if the penalty results in a loss of down.


Timeout          Timeout Result

  1. To record a timeout, select the timeout button below Next Play.
  2. Select the type of timeout/game stoppage
  3. Select the team who called the timeout and record the Time left on the clock using the sliders.

Fixing a Mistake

Edit History         Update Game Status

  1. To edit a play, or change the down, yards to go, and yard line, select edit history
  2. Select update game status to change the yard line, down, or yards to go.
  3. Select each box to change the possession, yard line, down, or yards to go. Sometimes you may have to do those twice or multiple times to get the desired outcome.
  4. To edit the last play select edit last play
  5. This will take you back to the Play type screen where you will follow the same steps as you normally would to score a play.

Changing the Quarter and Minutes Left

Quarter Select          Minutes Left

  1. To change the period select the Period and 1st button
  2. Select yes to advance the period select no to remain in the same period.
  3. To change the minutes left select the minutes left button
  4. Select the amount of time left in the period and select next.

Share A Game Update


  1. To share a live game update to any social media platform, select Shar from the top lefthand corner.
  2. You will see this screen, which may or may not have your desired social media platforms available to select. If you do have your social media already available as an option to choose, select them and proceed to step (4). If not Select more from the middle row.
  3. You will see this screen. Select each app that you want to be able to post to. Once you select them it should turn green like Twitter.
  4. You now have these platforms available to select from the sharing screen. Choose one of them, for this demo we will use Twitter.
  5. You will now see this screen. You can choose to add more text and personalize your tweet as long as you don’t break up the URL already there. So write either before or after the URL. Then select Post.
  6. NOTE: In order for this to work you must have your social media app downloaded and be logged into your social media accounts.

Section 7 – Postgame


Postgame Hub

Post Game RecapPostgame Hub Edit A

  1. Following the game you will be taken to this screen. Here you can see all of the plays that occurred throughout the game.
  2. To edit any of these plays select the edit button.
  3. The events will then become editable. Select the play you wish to edit.
  4. You will be taken to the Next Play screen and be in the play type that you selected. From here you can change whatever you want regarding the play.
  5. Selecting the export tab will give you the options to export, tweet, or add a comment to the post game recap.
  6. To export select the file type you wish to have the box score saved as, and click export.
  7. The file will be sent via email to the email associated with your account.
  8. To send a postgame tape, select Tweet.
  9. From here, you can add whatever text you choose. But once again, do not break up the URL, so write before or after the URL.
  10. Following every game, Scorebook Live generates an automatic game recap. If you want to add a personalized coaches’ note to the recap, you can add comments in the text box.
  11. Add the note and then select Done.

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