Just getting started with Scorebook Live? This FAQ will help you hit the ground running.

How Much Does All Of This Cost?

It’s free!

Do I need to create an account before I start scoring games?

Yes, Scorebook Live requires a user account before scoring games.

How do I find my team?

Scorebook Live has a built-in database that includes every high school in America, and thousands more that have been created by users. To find your team, press the DISCOVER button on the home screen, and then complete the search fields to search the Scorebook Live database. Once you find your team, you can download it to your device by pressing the arrow icon next to the team name.

How do I claim my team?

Claiming your team is an important step in the team setup process. This will indicate to all of your fans on that you are the owner of this team. First, make sure you have gone into My Account and set your user type to Coach/Admin. Then, enter the name of the team you want to claim, and we’ll respond within 48 hours. If you have already added teams to My Teams and forgot to claim, you can just press the claim button next to the name of the team you want to claim.

How do I create a new team?

To create a new team, press the CREATE NEW TEAM button on the home screen. Make sure to fill out every field during the team creation stage to ensure that your team has a complete profile. NOTE: Using a logo with a white background will look best online.

How do I edit a player profile?

To edit a player profile, go into the profile of the team that the player is on, find his or her name on the roster and press the icon next to the player’s name. To edit or enter information, press EDIT. NOTE: Player profile photos from the shoulders up will look best online.

I made a mistake while scoring, how do I fix it?

Simply press the Edit History button in the middle of the scoring screen, and you’ll be taken to the game history view. From here, you can delete or modify any event from this game.

What do my team’s fans have to do to follow our games on

All they have to do is head to! The best practice is for every fan to create an account, so they can follow the teams they care about, but it’s not necessary.

How do I put a Scorebook Live scoreboard widget on my own website?

Scorebook Live’s Widget Creator allows anyone to put a scoreboard widget on their own site. Simply click the Widget Creator link in the footer of any page on to setup your own custom scoreboard.

Do I still have to call in my scores to the media if I use Scorebook Live?

That decision will be between the coaches and the media, but make sure to let the media in your area know that they will be able to follow every one of your games LIVE on this season!

What happens if I lose internet connection while scoring a game?

Don’t worry! You can score a game offline with Scorebook Live the same way you would score online. Once you recover your signal, the data you recorded while offline will be sent to the server automatically and your game will be updated on WARNING: make sure not to logout or press sync while offline if there is any data that hasn’t been sent to the server yet, you will lose your progress.

What if someone already claimed my team?

Contact us at and we’ll help you resolve the issue.

Can I score a game offline?

Yes, but make sure that you go back online before closing out the app or pressing the sync button

How do I connect my Twitter account to Scorebook Live?

iPad Settings > Twitter > Add Account. Make sure you allow Scorebook Live to use Twitter