If your team is using the Scorebook Live app, that means updates, play-by-play, and more from every one of your games will be streamed live to is not only a place to follow games; it’s also a team website, complete with player and league profiles that update without any extra work on the coach’s part. Check out this guide to help you get started with!

Setup Your Account

The first thing you should do when you get to is setup an account. If you already have a Scorebook Live account, then you can login using those credentials. Creating or logging into your Scorebook Live account will allow you to choose your favorite teams (and even your rivals), so you can filter out the stuff you don’t care about.

Find Your Favorites

To find your favorite teams, click on the TEAMS tab and search for the team(s) you want. You can filter your search by specifying the state, gender, and level of the team you’re looking for. From here, you can quickly add the team to your favorites or click on the team name to visit their profile.

Filter the Scoreboard

Once you’ve selected your favorite teams, you can start to filter the scoreboard to see only the games you care about. Use the tabs at the top of the page to choose between all games, games around you, and just your favorites. If you’re looking for games scored by a specific user, all you have to do is click on their username listed above any game they’ve scored. You can also filter by date, by clicking on the dates listed above the scoreboard.

Share Game Updates

If you want to tweet a game update for a game you’re following, just click the SHARE TO TWITTER button at the top of the page. A popup will appear, allowing you to change the text of the tweet. If you’re on mobile, pressing the SHARE TO TWITTER button will open up the Twitter app on your phone.

Make Your Own Scoreboard Widget

There are two ways to access the Scorebook Live Widget Creator: by clicking on the SCOREBOARD WIDGETS from the landing page, or by clicking on the Widget Creator link in the footer of every page. Now, all you have to do is select between a single team or multi-team widget, choose your teams, and click DONE. Scorebook Live automatically generates the HTML code you will need to put the widget on your own website.

Team Profiles

One of the cool things about Scorebook Live is that it will automatically create and update your team profile for you! No more manually entering in stats and results after the game, it’s already done as soon as you end your game. You can search for a team or simply click on any team’s name from the scoreboard to view that team’s page.

Player Profiles

Player profiles are also automatically created and updated just by using the Scorebook Live app to score your games. Once the game has ended, each players stats will be up-to-date instantaneously.

League Profiles

League profiles are automatically created from the Scorebook Live database, which automatically sorts teams into their respective leagues. League pages operate much like team and player profiles – they update automatically, track standings, and even track stat leaders – with no extra work on the coach’s part.

Game Recaps

Who needs the newspaper when Scorebook Live automatically writes an article after every one of your games! Our game recap algorithm writes a professional-quality article for every single game scored on Scorebook Live, from rec league to to high school games and everything in between.






13 thoughts

  1. All set up and scoring is done via the Scorebook Live app on an iPAD. The website is simply for following teams, games and players as the season progresses. Registering on the website allows fans to select “Favorite Teams” so that they can follow only the teams that they are interested in.


    1. I agree with rogeroneill22 that it would be nice to manage updating on the computer and sync the information back and forth. Much easier to load up a team’s information on a computer vs iPad.


    1. Not at this time. Was there a mistake or some suggestions that you want to make? We are always open to feedback and are testing ability for coach to add comments.


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