Ready to get started with Scorebook Live? Check out these guides to make sure you’re getting the most out of it for your program

Creating an Account

Press Create New Account on the login screen, then enter your name, email, and password. If you already have an account, enter your credentials and press Login.

Claim Your Team

In My Account, indicate that you’re a Team Admin/Coach, and claim your team by selecting High School or College, searching for the name of your school, and entering your credentials. Scorebook Live will respond to your claim request as soon as possible.

Setup Your Team Profile

Enter all of your team information, including your roster and coaching staff.

TIP #1: Make sure that your team name is correct, i.e. Torrey Pines, instead of Torrey Pines High School

TIP #2: Logos with a white background will look the best on

TIP #3: You can add player and coach photos too. Pictures from the shoulders up will look the best on

Setup Your Schedule

Use the Find A Team feature to add all of your opponents from the Scorebook Live database to your team list. Then, press Create Game, and fill out the required information for each one of your games. Press Save & Continue when you’re done.

TIP #1: Some of your opponents may already have been setup by another Scorebook Live user. You can download a completed version (if there is one) from Find A Team. If not, just download the correct team and you can set it up yourself.

TIP #2: If you don’t have a roster yet for some of your opponents, make sure to at least have five placeholder players in each roster. You can edit these later and add the rest of the players, but you need at least five players to create a game.

TIP #3: Set Track Subs to ON only if you are already comfortable using Scorebook Live. It’s a little more challenging but will give your fans a better idea of what’s happening in your games!

TIP #4: If you have the time, try to add a logo for each of your opponents as well.

The Pregame Hub

Before you start your game, you will first need to finalize game details and rosters for both teams in the Pregame Hub. This is your last chance to add players and edit game information, so make sure to give yourself enough time before the start of the game! If your state or league requires it, the referee also has the option to sign the book in the Pregame Hub!

Scoring the Game

The Scorebook Live scorebook is as simple as it gets – just score what you see! It even does all of the math for you, so your scorekeeper will always know how many fouls each team and player has, and how many timeouts each team has remaining. To record a score, just press the +1, +2, or +3 buttons and select the player who was responsible for the stat. To record a foul or a timeout, press the number next to Foul and Timeout, select the type, and for a foul, select the player. To change the quarter, press the button in the center of the screen below Period. It’s that easy!

Tip #1: If you made a mistake, or just want to review the game at any point, just press the Edit History button. Here, you can view the entire play-by-play of the game, and edit or delete any event.

Tip #2: You can even Tweet out a game update right from the scoring screen! Just press the Tweet button, and Scorebook Live will auto-generate a graphic that displays the score of the game, the leading scorers, and other game info. You can even add your own text if you’d like to.

The Postgame Hub

After the game has ended, you can access the Postgame Hub at any time to review, edit, and share your game information!

Tip #1: If your team keeps stats like rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks, you can enter those in the Postgame Hub.

Tip #2: You can also export an excel, csv, or txt file of all of your game data from the Share tab.

Tip #3: Make sure to Tweet out a final score update in the Postgame Hub!



Don’t forget you can always view the Tutorial from the home screen!

29 thoughts

  1. How do you enter a team if they are not on Scorebook Live? I tried to exit to home when the team didn’t show up and it wouldn’t let me save or leave without adding an away team.


  2. Hi Pete, To enter a team that we don’t have in our database go to CREATE A TEAM from the Home Screen. Once you create the team click DONE (top right corner) and that team will now be found in your MY TEAMS . From there, you can CREATE GAME and add them as either the home or away team. Have fun and thanks for the question!


    1. How can I set up a league, there are 8 teams in it , but there is no standings and league info so its hard to keep track of. Please Help.Thanks.


    1. The game you are scoring with the app is going to post to in real-time. When your game is over just go to your game on the website and look for the RECAP tab in order to read the story.


  3. Go to your GAME LIST from inside the app. On the far right of the screen for each game you’ll see a small arrow. slide that arrow to the left and it will reveal options to either EDIT or DELETE the game.


    1. We currently do not track Field Goal Attempts during live scoring. There is an option in the Post Game Hub called “Additional Stats” that allows you to input Field Goal Attempts. We are looking at adding FGA in the future if there are enough requests. Thanks


    1. Hi Coach, Scorebook Live is designed to be a simple scorebook that is capable of replacing the paper scorebook used throughout the basketball market. After years of research we found that a large number of high school coaches were opposed to the idea of sharing their “stats” publicly. Stat apps have been on the market for many years but the high school market still doesn’t have a “live city-wide scoreboard” that allows your fans and those of your rivals and opponents to follow “all” games in real-time. So the actual target user of the product is the person that is today running your paper scorebook, not the person that is tracking stats. Our product has been continually improved by getting feedback and opinions from high school coaches around the country. Please feel free to reply and let us know if you have any other questions, comments or concerns. Thank you.


  4. I am trying to enter a game for January 2 2017 and it says you have to be in the correct season which I am in 2016/17 season.


  5. I am having the same problem as Colby…I am trying to enter two games that we didn’t have a bookkeeper for (they occurred in December of 2016) along with setting up tomorrow’s game (Jan 3, 2017). I am working in the 2016/17 season. It says I have to be in the correct season…2016/17. I am. Help!


    1. HI COACH, Please send us the teams and times for tomorrow’s games and we’ll set them up for you. Also, if you want to send us photo’s of stat sheets or scoresheets for the games you missed then we can re-create them for you.


  6. During a game, the app started “synchronizing” I was unable to stat while it was syncing. How do I prevent it from doing that again during another game?


  7. At our school we still have odd numbers for home games and even numbers for away games. Is there a way to add both numbers to my roster?


    1. Hi Jason, We didn’t originally design this into our app because we were unaware that the practice of having home/away uniforms with odd/even numbers was still “a thing”.. You are only the 2nd team to bring it up so far but I suspect that there are others out there with the same type of uni’s. Our engineers are working through a list of “new features” for basketball season and we hope that odd/even is something we can solve prior to the beginning of hoops season.


      1. Thank you. I really like the look of your app and think it will be great for our fans trying to get information about our games as quickly as possible. The odd and even jersey number idea has been phased out of our state but until we get new uniforms, it will stay that way.


  8. Couple of questions:
    1. MaxPreps lists you as a partner on their site, but I see above that the data does not move to MaxPreps. Is this still the case?
    2. Is it possible to edit the score at the end of the game? I had a manager keep the stats for a scrimmage to practice and he missed a couple of baskets for a team. I need to add these post-game.


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